A malware development framework, designed with anti-malware and network security product testing and enrichment in mind.

The Heart of the Framework

LuciuOS combines the latest and greatest in malware development and testing technology into a single open source operating system, and is being developed to become the next industry standard in testing the validity and efficiency of anti malware solutions currently on the IT Security Technology market.

The Dual Framework Experience.

LuciuOS is designed as a dual framework to take on two aspects and challenges in the current industry, Malware Development and Malware Vulnerability & Assessment.


The malware development framework is designed to provide a malware developer with every tool necessary for development of custom malware from scratch.


Currently, Logic Bombs, Trojans, Remote Access Tools, Worms, Ransomware, Adware, script based viruses, as well as a variety of injection and delivery methods are supported to ensure successful development and delivery of the payload.


LuciuOS is also equipped with several tools designed to drastically decrease the detection rate of malware.


The overall intent of this framework is to allow for a malware developer to create a custom malware to target and test specific types of malware threats with real malware, simulating a realistic threat, allowing for empirical validation of detection, or non-detection, of malware by anti-malware and network secutiry solutions.


The second framework of LuciuOS is designed with Malware Analysts in mind, and provides analysts with a plethora of solutions and tool packages to conduct extremely advanced forms of malware analysis.


It also provides analysts with a means to test advanced malware threats with our Live Detonation Cloud Lab (LDCL), and our Live Internet Simulation Lab (LISL).


Both the LDCL and LISL are designed to provide analysts with cloud based platforms for submitting and testing samples, generating dynamic analysis reports for malware analysis purposes, and are free to use.


Additional features provided by our Shark Tank module allow for malware analysts to track trending statistics and analysis based capabilities of anti-malware solutions and network analysis products.


This allows analysts for the first time to conduct on-demand testing and assessment of detectability and detection gaps, perform head-to-head assessment testing on anti-malware solutions and products, and to build sophisticated trending metrics on products and solutions for how quickly they react to new industry threats, new malware families, sub-classes of malware families, and how each anti-malware and network analysis solution compares to each other. This provides the ultimate insight into which security products truly are superior to one another in concrete terms of thwarting malware based threats.


LuciuOS as a whole has been designed to be fully modular, with a varietty of precautions taken to maximize stability, performance, and, most importantly, the safety of computer systems in labs and enterprise environments.


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